Volts Platz

Roland 100M 132 based audio and CV Mixer for Eurorack with expanded feature set.


Volts Platz is an audio and CV Mixer based on the Roland 100M 132 module, with some nifty extra features which expands it’s use still further.

It has 4 inputs with attenuators. Input 3 is normalled to +ve for positive offsets, input 4 is normalled to -ve for negative offsets.

The first op-amp stage now includes a switch to select x1, x2 or x10 amplification. You can take a direct (inverted) output from this stage.

The second op-amp features switchable clipping diodes (LEDs) which clip anything above/below +/-5V. So ‘normal’ Euro signals go through unaffected. Flick the amplification switch and things gets dirty.

Patch a post-VCF signal into input 1. You can then use a combination of offsets at inputs 3 and 4, and CV into input 2 to explore modulated symmetric and asymmetric clipping.

Scale, offset, amplify, clip. Or just use it as a 4 input mixer.

Product Specifications

5V draw






12V draw


-12V draw