Volts Platz

Roland 100M 132 based CV Mixer for Eurorack.

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Volts Platz is CV Mixer based on the Roland 100M 132 module.

It has 4 inputs with attenuators. Input 3 is normalled to +ve for positive offsets, input 4 is normalled to -ve for negative offsets.

The first op-amp stage now includes a switch to select x1, x2 or x10 amplification. You can take a direct (inverted) output from this stage.

The second op-amp features switchable clipping diodes (LEDs) which clip anything above/below +/-5V. So ‘normal’ Euro signals go through unaffected. Flick the amplification switch and things gets dirty.

Patch a post-VCF signal into input 1. You can then use a combination of offsets at inputs 3 and 4, and CV into input 2 to explore modulated symmetric and asymmetric clipping.

Scale, offset, amplify, clip. Or just use it as a 4 input mixer.

Additional information

5V draw



12V draw

-12V draw