Stasis Leak

DSP based chorus/tap delay/plate reverb pedal


For this item we offer a CHIPSET which contains the following:

For all other components required, please see the build document.


Stasis Leak is a 48kHz DSP effects pedal, providing a choice of chorus, plate reverb and tap tempo delay. Stasis Leak is based around a Belton ABE-FX sub board, which in turn is based around a Coolaudio V1000 chip. Designed to fit in a 1590BB enclosure.

Tone control

This knob works on each of the three different effects as a simple lowpass filter, cutting the highs in the effected signal, and helping to provide definition between the dry and wet signal.

Wet control

This knob controls the amount of effected signal that is mixed with the dry signal. Dry is always 100%.


This function applies to the delay effect, where it may be used to set the delay time.

Time & Density

Chorus Delay Reverb
Time knob LFO rate Time sub-divisions* Pre-delay
Density knob Depth Repeats Decay

*Delay time (50 – 1000 ms). – Tap more than once within 1 second to set, LED blinks at quarter-note tempo, and the time knob is divided into 4 tempo subdivision:

  • 0-25%: 8th-note triplet
  • 25-50%: 8th-note
  • 50-75%: dotted 8th-note
  • 75-100%: quarter-note

The chorus section consists of two parallel sections which are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. This results in a rich chorus effect. These two sections are mixed internally and output as a mono signal.