Horror Show

4HP filtered noise generator/digital ring modulator/sub oscillator

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Horror Show is a 4HP combined noise generator/digital ring modulator/sub oscillator.

Here’s a few of it’s features:

  • Noise generator with filter frequency control. Filter is twin-t type. The noise output is normalised to RM X Input and also to the Sub Osc Input, so that 5 types of noise are simultaneously available, all of which can be further affected by twisting the filter frequency knob.
  • Digital ring modulator. Comparator based. May also be used as a pulse width modulator by patching in any audio waveform and any controller waveform.
  • Sub oscillator with 3 simultaneous outputs: -1 square, -2 square, -2 pulse. May also be used as a clock divider.

Tricks to try:

  • With noise normalised to RM X Input, try applying a fixed voltage source to RM Y Input. Start at 0V and add positive (or negative) voltage, you will hear the RM Out gradually break up from noise into static.
  • As above, but patch the RM Out to the gate input of an envelope generator set to a short attack for random triggers. The further the fixed voltage from 0V, the less chance of a trigger at the output.
  • The two example above also work with a slow LFO instead of a fixed voltage, causing fades from noise to static, or from certain triggers (!) to random triggers.
  • Patch the noise output to the sub osc input via an attenuator (passive or active). Three type of digital noise are available at the three sub osc outputs, and you can use the attenuator to fade between noise and three types of static and/or random triggers which are temporally related. Pretty esoteric, but I’m sure someone somewhere will base an entire genre around this feature.

Product Specifications





12V draw


-12V draw


5V draw