Assembled Frequency Central Monograf

News and updates 11/01/2020

Hey there you crazy kids! Here’s what’s happening at Casa FC right now:

Monograf Synthesiser is now available! Monograf is a fixed signal path monophonic synth voice with many unique features, including a number of patch points for flexibilty within a modular setting. Our aim was to design the simplest full featured and good sounding single VCO synth within as small a space as possible, while offering a broad sonic palette and fast setup times.

CD4514 now available as an option when you purchase Cryptograf. At the heart of Cryptograf is a CD4514 doing the heavy lifting. You asked if we would stock CD4514, so now we do. Cryptograf is a 4 bit, 16 step addressable analogue sequencer. Each of it’s 16 steps can be addressed in any order for ultimate creative flexibility.

Seismograf build doc now published. How did we miss this? It’s been a busy time! Seismograf is a PIC based drum module featuring coding by Jetroid. There is currently a choice of two PICs which may be used with Seismograf, ‘BD‘ and ‘SD‘. As you might expect, BD contains a range of 8 bass drums, while SD contains a range 8 of snare drums. The drum sounds are 10 bit encodings of some of our favourite electronic kits from yesteryear.

Meanwhile, Product DIY sets are still selling at 10% discount to celebrate it’s first birthday. Product is a full featured modular synthesiser. You can use it without patching, or you can use it as the heart of your modular system, or you can use each section individually. Each section is fully modular, but also features pre-patched normalised signal paths for fast set up of new and exciting sounds.