20HP hardwired synth voice for fast set up times, with a decidedly East Coast feel.

Includes sawtooth, triangle, and square waveforms and an onboard sub osc for thick and juicy synth lines.


For this item we offer a CHIPSET which contains the following:

For all other components required, please see the build document.


20HP hardwired synth voice for fast set up times, with a decidedly East Coast feel.

Monograf is a fixed signal path monophonic synth voice with many unique features, including a number of patch points for flexibilty within a modular setting. Our aim was to design the simplest full featured and good sounding single VCO synth within as small a space as possible, while offering a broad sonic palette and fast setup times. Monograf includes the following elements:

  • Onboard LFO for PWM, and onboard sub osc for thick and juicy synth lines
  • Super stable AS3340 based VCO featuring sawtooth, triangle and square waveforms, as well as rotary switch control of octaves and an onboard LFO for PWM. Features highly accurate 1V/octave tracking, as well as extenal CV control of linear FM.
  • Sub oscillator featuring -1 octave and -2 octave square waveforms. Add a big bottom to your sound.
  • 5 toggle switches for fast waveform selection, allows for super quick changes. Additionally, the triangle waveform is routed directly to the VCA, bypassing the VCF, to maintain a rumbling low end with higher resonance settings, this is a little known modular trick which was practised by the ancients.
  • 12dB/octave OTA lowpass VCF based upon ARP Odyssey Mk1 ‘whiteface’. A very characterful VCF with cutting resonance whose audio inputs can be driven into clipping via a dedicated Drive control. The chosen level of drive can have a profound effect over the character of the filter, and heavy drive will saturate the input while simultaneously reducing resonance. Cutoff frequency can be controlled manually, from the LFO, from the ADSR, normalised from a 1V/oct source, or from an external CV.
  • Vintage ARP style VCA with gated/ADSR/drone options via two toggle switches.
  • AS3310 based ADSR for super snappy envelopes. CV control of envelope output is available for velocity controlled dynamics etc.

Product Specifications

5V draw






12V draw


-12V draw


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