Frequency Central Demo Case

New Website Is Live!

If you’re reading this, our new website is live!

Long time Frequency Central fans will be pleased by this, as our old site had become more than a little dilapidated, and quite disorganised!

To celebrate, we’re running a coupon for the next week (until 25/11/18) for 10% off an online purchases. Use code ‘fcnewsite10‘ at checkout! 

So what does this new site have to offer?
  • Comprehensive lists of our current Eurorack and Mu modules, as well as other products we sell (including power boards!). Not much of a visual person? We have an alphabetically organised list of all of our products too.
  • Detailed information about module widths, depths, and power draw… allowing for a comprehensive product filtering search system.
  • Purchase directly through the website, using Paypal and Stripe as payment providers. You don’t have to enquire by email anymore!
  • Documents page, featuring a compilation of all of our current and historical build documents, user manuals, datasheets, etc, all on one page!
  • An up-to-date list of Distributors who stock Frequency Central products.
  • DIY’ers can now choose to buy a ‘Chipset’ with their PCBs for select products. A chipset contains the uncommon ICs that might be difficult to source at home. Don’t need the full chipset? We sell the ICs individually too.

And Introducing…

With the unveiling of the new site, we’re taking the opportunity to release a selection of tasty new modules and products that we’ve been slow cooking to perfection.

Stasis Leak is a DSP based chorus/tap delay/plate reverb module, available assembled & DIY in Eurorack and MU formats, and also as a DIY-only guitar pedal PCB & graphic set.

The MU System X Family is growing, with the introduction of the System X Oscillator, System X Low Pass Filter, and the System X Dual Amplifier.

The fan favourite System X Envelope is being released in a new dual package for Eurorack and MU. This gives the exact same functionality as buying a pair of individual modules, but we’re able to offer the dual package at a lower price point! Are we seeing double?

And finally, we’re releasing the -graf series for Eurorack! The -graf series is a family of modules designed with each other in mind.

Chronograf is a complex LFO with a bit of percussion and PWM sprinkled in. It’s a mad modulator with tons of potential. Clocks, divisions, pulses, waves, shapes and sounds.

Polygraf is a step sequencer with 4 binary outputs that can store and play back 30 patterns. It’s designed to interface with percussion modules like Seismograf, but also works particularly well with Cryptograf.

Seismograf is a versatile drum module featuring 8 vintage drum sounds that can be played at different pitches and with distortion. Initially releasing with Bass Drum and Snare Drum variations.

Cryptograf is an addressable analogue sequencer. It takes 4 binary inputs and derives the step number from them. This means that each step can be played in any order for ultimate flexibility.

Monograf is a hardwired synth voice with a decidedly East Coast feel. It features an onboard LFO for PWM, and onboard sub oscillators for thick and juicy synth lines. 

Something wrong?

If you spot a problem with the website, please email our developer at [email protected].

During this launch period, a few of our products do not have images yet. Don’t panic! They will be added in due time.