System X Dual Envelope Generator


Roland 100M ADSR based module for MU

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System X Envelope is our bestseller, so we made a MU version!

Chances are, even your pet iguana craves this snappy sound. Based on the Roland 100m ADSR, this module is so good we double dipped and gave you the snappiest twins in the biz. Accept no imitations, this is the genuine bootlegged lookalike moonshine clone.

What you say:
“I received my System X Envelopes on Friday, just tried them out this weekend, they are without a doubt the best envelopes I’ve ever used.”
“I am telling you Rick, best envelopes in Eurorack by a bloody long mile!”
“I just got the FC System X Envelopes in this afternoon. I’m pretty much in love with them.”
“The System X Envelopes are super snappy and responsive, maybe the most of any Euro
ADSR I’ve played yet.”
“It kills other ADSR’s then dresses inappropriately at their funerals.”
“They kick ass!”

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12V draw

5V draw

-12V draw