Frequency Central stars in ‘Machine Music’ feat High Towers, Raging Bull and Stasis Leak

I realised that we haven’t yet produced a video featuring Raging Bull VCF/VCA, which is based on the Moog Taurus 1 VCF/VCA, so I assembled a little system for such a video. As I was working on the patch, the prominence of High Towers can more and more to the fore.

High Towers is in essence a set of 4 voltage controlled clock dividers, for each one of which one can set the division on the fly. In this video I’m using:

– channel A to control Stasis Leak’s delay time division

– channel B to control Stasis Leak’s synchronisation

– channel C to control Stasis Leak’s feedback

– channel D as a control voltage to Raging Bull

Pittsburgh KB1 is providing the sequence. It was in the rack I intended to use for this video, so I left it in. I’ve using this sequence before, way back at the start of 2020 lockdown.

Raging Bull is set to have Emphasis (resonance) right on the edge of self oscillation. XVCO TWO’s pulse wave is patched into an audio input, and it’s triangle wave if patched into a CV input for so cool audio frequency FM.

System X Envelope is providing CV of Raging Bull’s VCF and VCA simultaneously. The synth voice used, XVCO TWO, Raging Bull and System X Envelope together make up a Product Modular Synthesiser (plus a few extras).

So…..this video started out as a showcase for the Raging Bull’s ballsy low end savoury goodness, but ended up being something else completely. Maybe some other time 🙂

Incidentally, this type of patch, using multiple clock dividers to run the show, and where the composition lies within the cables and settings, is something I’m really attracted to.