Frequency Central feat. Polygraf triggering Simmons SDS8, sequence by Little Melody and Monograf

I thought I’d hook up Polygraf to control my Simmons SDS8 brain this week. Warning – your phone speaker will not cut it, unless fitted with subwoofer.

So……Chronograf is clocking both Polygraf and Little Melody. Chronograf is also set up to make Polygraf do a little fill every 8 bars. Little Melody’s sliders have been set to create a quick off the cuff generative sequence.

I’m having some fun by carving into the set up using the different waveforms of Monograf, as well as fading in a little hi tom from the SDS8 in tension building mode.

As usual, I have a couple of Stasis Leaks off camera providing reverb and delay to the SDS8 and Monograf respectively.

On balance, this was far too much fun. I kinda wish I had more time to create music as well as creating modules.