Klang Stadt and Strips VCA mixer under Polygraf automation!

So…our forthcoming Strips Mixer has 4 audio channel, each with a CV control input. Klang Stadt has 4 audio outputs: Wave, Sub 1, sub 2 and Klang. Polygraf has 4 control outputs. Can you see where this is going?

Chronograf is clocking Polygraf. Chronograf’s 180 degree LFO output (set to MW waveform) is being patched to Strips’ channel 4 CV input to fade in the Klang output of Klang Stadt.

Polygraf’s One, Two and Four outputs are patched to Strips’ channels 1, 2 and 3 CV inputs. Polygraf’s Eight output is controlling Klang Stadt’s Glide input. Klang Stadt’s Wave output is patched to Strips channel 1, Sub 1 to Strips channel 2, Sub 2 to Strips channel 3.

The audio is being sculpted by a combination of Polygraf activating/deactivating Strips’ channels, Chronograf fading in one channel, and me doing manual muting and control of levels.

Stasis Leak reverb is patched into Strips’ FX bus.

Cool to use Strips for some automated mixing!