New MU incoming!

We’ve been working hard here at FC to bring you some brand new MU format versions of our popular CEMosc, Whiteface and Arley Dynamics modules. Together, they create a super compact synth voice and the perfect intro to MU for…

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High Towers micro-relaunch time!

So, Jetroid finished the High Towers user manual, which is now here: High Towers User Manual Blimey! Even I didn’t know that it could do that!! To celebrate, we thought we’d do a micro-relaunch, including a little price cut on…

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Now we sell FULL KITS for DIY-ers!

Over the last recent while (TM), we’ve been putting together FULL KITS for some of our Eurorack projects. We’ve kept it kind of quiet until now, just adding them as purchase options as and when. But now that we’re up…

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