Roland System 100M based VCF for Eurorack


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Way back in the mists of time, I acquired a Roland System 100m, my first modular system. I’d used Roland synths of that era before, and what always stood out was the clarity and precision of the filters, clean and squelchy with searing resonance. My 100m boasted 3 filters, and had these qualities in spades. When I started out into Eurorack, it was this sound that I craved, but there was nothing quite like it available in the format, so I made my own. Soon, folks started knocking, asking me to build a Roland style filter module for them too. So, System X Filter was born, adding a 12dB output in addition to the regular 24dB output. This module has adapted and changed over the time we have been producing it, now renamed XCF TWO to sit alongside our XVCO TWO. I like to feel that the current version is the best of the lot!

Product Specifications





5V draw