Silent Disco

Compact output module featuring stereo line outputs and dual headphone outputs

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Silent Disco is a 4HP output module with left and right line outs, and 2 x stereo headphone outs (1 Watt). Features include:

  • Left and Right Eurorack level inputs (2 x 3.5mm sockets)
  • Left and Right line level outputs (2 x 6.35mm sockets)
  • 2 x stereo headphone outputs (2 x 6.35mm sockets)
  • Stereo volume control for headphone outputs
  • Right input is normalled from Left input when there is no jack in the Right input

Silent Disco was designed for CFON2 modular workshops 2023. This year’s theme was Silent Disco. There were 8 separate modular systems, each system having its own Silent Disco module. Participants at the workshops were able to explore each system via the dual headphone outputs of their Silent Disco module. The Silent Disco modules also allowed us to hook up each of the 8 systems to to a multitrack recorder and a PA system at line levels, so we were be able to carve out a live soundscape out of the participants’ improvisations. Participants could also move around the room from system to system by unplugging their headphones from one system and plugging into another.

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12V draw


-12V draw


5V draw