Little Melody

Generative sequencer based around a clock divider and a chromatic quantiser. Creates in-the-moment licks and riffs.


17/06/22: We are now onto TOOL v2.0 for Little Melody (and High Towers). Tool v2.0 performs integers as well as multipliers using DIVISION selection knobs:

  • top of the dial is /1
  • clockwise from the top are /2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64, /128
  • anticlockwise from the top are /3, /5, /6, /7, /9, /10, /11

This upgrade is partly due to neccesity, as the original 16F88 PICs on which TOOL v1.0 was based are now EOL, so we ported to a more current PIC and added some extra functionality. All new Little Melody will ship with TOOL v2.0.

Little Melody is a generative sequencer based around clock divisions and a chromatic quantiser, used to create in-the-moment licks and riffs. It is more that the sum of it’s parts.

Little Melody’s internal operations can be considered as 4 clock dividers patched into a CV mixer via attenuators. The attenuators select notes over a 5 octave range, the clock dividers determine how often those notes are added to the mix. The final output of Little Melody is quantized chromatically for fast set up and continuously pleasing results.

The 4 clock dividers are labelled A, B, C, and D. They all receive clocks from the same source, the divisions may be selected using the presets and the individual division selectors. The clock dividers can be set to count up, down, or to one of a variety of modes that move between counting up and down.

For further information see the Little Melody User Guide.

Product Specifications





12V draw


5V draw


-12V draw