Flexible one-shot and cyclic event generator for Eurorack.

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Chronograf is a super flexible one-shot and cyclic event generator. It can be used as an envelope generator, LFO, or master clock.

Chronograf features Start/Reset and Stop momentary switches, each with associated control inputs, as well as a tap tempo momentary switch. A toggle switch selects between one-shot and cyclic modes. Four knobs are available to set Tempo, Waveform, Multiplier and Function. There is another toggle switch to select whether changes to Multiplier happen immediately or at the start of the next clock cycle.

Chronograf has 5 outputs:

  • LFO out
  • 180 out (same as LFO out but 180° out of phase)
  • Clock out
  • Start cycle out (Clock divided by Multiplier)
  • Reset out (momentarily goes high whenever Start/Reset is pressed)

Waveform selection is chosen by a combination of Waveform and Function knobs. In this way (arguably) 64 waveforms can be selected.

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12V draw

-12V draw

5V draw