Analogue drum voice with a broad range of applications


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Now available as a full kit for DIYers!

Boom!! is an analogue drum voice with a broad range of applications.

The heart of the module is a VCO which is built around one half of a LM13700. The VCO has a HIGH/LOW switch as well as a SWEEP control, which defines it’s response to the onboard envelope.

The other half of the LM13700 has been carefully crafted into a release envelope generator with super snappy exponential curves, which has a FAST/SLOW switch in addition to a RELEASE control. As a bonus, the input of the envelope is velocity sensitive, allowing for a dynamic response.

Additionally, there is an envelope output, which can be used to drive external modules.

Boom!! can be used to create bass drums, tom toms, chirps, blips and clicks.

Tonal Axis has produced a video diary of his Boom!! build, featuring music created with Boom!!, Klang Stadt, and other FC modules! Check it out now funk soul brother.

Product Specifications





12V draw


-12V draw


5V draw