Now we sell FULL KITS for DIY-ers!

Over the last recent while (TM), we’ve been putting together FULL KITS for some of our Eurorack projects. We’ve kept it kind of quiet until now, just adding them as purchase options as and when.

But now that we’re up to 12 different FULL KITS and counting, we thought that we’d make some noise about it! So we’ve created a FULL KITS page (it’s up there on the header bar, top right) as well as highlighting those projects offered as full kits with little red star.

Q: What’s in a Frequency Central FULL KIT?

A: PCB set, panel and all components need to build the projects!

You’ll be using the exact same components that we use to create our assembled modules. No more having to source parts yourself, leaving you free to live your life to the max.

We’ll be adding more FULL KITS as time allows, so keep watching and maybe even choose to subscribe for regular updates.