New MU incoming!

We’ve been working hard here at FC to bring you some brand new MU format versions of our popular CEMosc, Whiteface and Arley Dynamics modules. Together, they create a super compact synth voice and the perfect intro to MU for new users.

These modules are not on our website quite yet, as we are now awaiting the final PCBs and panels. Have a listen… do they sound to you? They will all be released within the next month or two.

In this video I am using:

2 x MU CEMosc (Curtis 3340 based VCO)

MU Whiteface (ARP 4023 style VCF)

MU Arley Dynamics (Curtis 3310 based ADSR with ARP style VCA)

MU Stasis Leak (Belton chorus/delay/reverb)

I’ve hooked it up to a looper set to Frippertronics mode. It’s quite an unforgiving set up, as everything is recorded and looped – one mistake and it’s either start again or call it a jazz note. I like the way the you can build up a little soundscape in a few minutes. Usually I start by creating a short sequence, then doing a few run throughs to get a feel for what might be nice to overdub. This time, however, I recorded the first take, got to the end and thought it sounded quite charming, even though there are a couple of rough edges (jazz notes?).