Frequency Central feat. Chronograf decaying sines in MW mode also starring Allosaurus Rex

Hey viewer! The USP of this video was to explore one of the weirder modulation uses for Chronograf: Waveform set to MW, and Function set to decaying sine. Really slow tempo and really long multiplication. This results in an almost sample and hold style waveform which is actually cyclic over an extended time period.

The LFO out of Chronograf is being applied to one of the CV inputs of XVCF TWO, which is set to self oscillate. I’m also using the clock out of Chronograf to the second CV of XVCF TWO for some clickly interference-like goodness.

The Start Out of Chronograf is patched to a Boom!!, the Env Out of which is patched to the third CV input of XVCF TWO, which creates the ‘pew!’ at the start of each new cycle. Boom!!’s audio out is patched to an audio input of XVCF TWO.

The output of XVCF TWO is beng attenuated by More VCAs, then patched to Stasis Leak for some long delays. Stasis Leak’s Time CV input is being modulated by the 180 degree output of Chronograf.

Yeah I’m a visual artist too, the Allosaurus Rex painting will be available to the highest bidder when completed.