Frequency Central: drumming with Boolean logic, feat. Deep Thought, High Towers and Chronograf

Hello, good evening, and welcome. In today’s program we explore using a couple of logic modules to create some crazy beats! So, what’s happening here?

Well, Chronograf is being used as a clock source to control High Towers (addressable clock divider).

High Towers’ A output is patched to Seismograf BD.

High Towers’ B output is patched to Deep Thought’s upper section, Chronograf’s LFO (linear sawtooth) output is being used to dynamically select the logic gate type.

High Towers’ C output is patched to Boom!! #1.

High Tower’s D output is patched to Deep Thought’s lower section, together with Chronograf’s 180 (inverted linear sawtooth) output. XOR output patched to Boom!! #2.

I’m tweaking a few things on the fly: Chronograf’s Multiplier, High Towers’ Divisions (x4), Deep Thought’s upper section CV attenuator.

Mixing and reverb courtesy of Strips and Stasis Leak (off screen) All makes for some crazy good funky drummer! Enjoy your meal!